Who we are

At EDERFIL BECKER we have been producing round and rectangular enamelled copper and aluminium electrical conductors for over 70 years, for supply to different sectors: automotive, energy, transformers, wind power, industrial engines, electrical generators, etc.

We are part of Mondragon Corporation.

Quality testing in Ederfil Becker laboratories (Imagen)
Fig-1 Quality testing in Ederfil Becker laboratories

We are one of the leading manufacturers in our sector internationally. We export more than 80% of our products worldwide.

Our customers include some of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of solutions for the energy and e-mobility sectors.

Our customers value our reliability, service, innovation and financial strength.

We are a team of 200 people, distributed in two production centres: Legorreta and Alegia, both located in the Basque Country (northern Spain, near the border with France).

We take part in projects to develop new solutions for the e-mobility sector. Our investment capability ensures we can meet all future challenges.

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After a transformation process including the merger of two companies, we created a management model based on self-organised teams that decide on the actions necessary for day-to-day work.