Main milestones, since it was founded by Mr Becker, from the company G. Becker in 1945 through to today's Ederfil Becker.

1945 The Beckers, a family of German descent, create the private family company G. Becker.
1977 Ederfil Cooperative is formed.
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1991 Both companies are awarded ISO-9002 quality certificate
2000 They are awarded QS-9000 quality certificate
2002 They are awarded TS-16949 quality certificate
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2003 Becker becomes a cooperative and starts to work alongside Ederfil Cooperative, thus improving its competitive capacity and its ability to successfully meet future challenges.
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2007 Both cooperatives are awarded quality certificate ISO 14001
2014 Merger of Becker S. Coop and Ederfil S. Coop
2017 The Compliance Programme starts
2018 Awarded IATF 16949:2016 quality certificate
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After a transformation process including the merger of two companies, we created a management model based on self-organised teams that decide on the actions necessary for day-to-day work.