Philosophy and values

In EDERFIL BECKER KOOP. E. we believe that value lies in people, who are the key to any future project. Our participative and transparent model, based on the responsibility and commitment of people, makes us face the challenges of a constantly changing environment with confidence.

We share, debate, decide and approve actions with a focus on the future, being aware that we have received a legacy from our colleagues who have preceded us and that our commitment is to leave a solid project full of opportunities to the generations that will take over. A project in which freedom and responsibility are key to its future development.

[IMG] Working groups


Through the manufacture and marketing of electrical conductors to our customers, our mission is to develop a company that, through the generation of profits and the satisfaction of people, society and the environment in which it is located, manages to grow in a stable and sustainable manner through a cooperative model based on responsible people.

Final product: Enamelled copper wire


To grow and increase profitability, offering electrical conductors to a global market, wanting to be a reference in Safety, Quality, Cost and Service, together with Proactive Innovation, based on proximity to the Customer.

[IMG] Quality Management Systems


The people of EDERFIL BECKER share the following values:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • People development
  • Shared project
[IMG] Work teams

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After a transformation process including the merger of two companies, we created a management model based on self-organised teams that decide on the actions necessary for day-to-day work.