At Ederfil Becker we have developed an in-house ERP system to meet both our own needs and those of our customers and suppliers.  It is a user-friendly, highly effective, easily adaptable system.  This allows us ensure traceability of the characteristics of the products, materials and parameters throughout the process, from receipt of raw materials through to delivery to the customer.

Our processes are designed to achieve a high degree of repeatability and reliability.  We follow different phases: we systematically define, measure, analyse, improve and control our processes.

[IMG] Process management (1)

We use different CORE TOOLS such as PPAP, APQP, SPC, MSA, AMFE.  We have developed in-house continuous detection systems for the production process.

We have in-house laboratories with highly qualified experts

People working in Production receive ongoing training in Quality, and make self-control decisions based on defined, controlled criteria subject to continuous improvement.

[IMG] Process management. Control system (2)

We are frequently audited by both our customers and external certification bodies.

We have a team of highly qualified internal auditors who carry out internal audits of both products and processes, according to a previously planned schedule and established criteria.

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