Innovation is one of the most distinctive features of both Ederfil Becker and MONDRAGON Corporation, which we are part of.  We have been characterised by a spirit of innovation since we started activity more than 50 years ago. It is in our DNA, and is reflected in our company philosophy as one of our VALUES.

Ederfil Becker Laboratories
Ederfil Becker Laboratories.

Given our recent evolution, we have implemented a new corporate innovation model based on interrelation, cooperation and knowledge exchange between professionals of different profiles.

M4FUTURE was born with very clear objectives: to develop knowledge and to create a constantly updated innovation network, generating employment in new business activities of the future.

We invite you to learn about the configuration and operation of the integrated corporate Innovation-Promotion-Knowledge system that allows innovation to be leveraged for economic growth.

Discover what Innovative Thinking is

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