EDERFIL BECKER's goal is for its conduct –and the conduct of all people working for it– to always comply with current legislation and with the ethical principles set out in this Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is part of EDERFIL BECKER's Compliance Programme, and is intended to:

  1. Act as a guide for professional behaviour by all people at EDERFIL BECKER and in their relations with everybody else at EDERFIL BECKER, as well as with Suppliers, Associates, Customers, Public Administrations and society in general.

  2. Prevent criminal and illicit behaviour by People when carrying out their professional activity.

The Code of Conduct also aims to consolidate a business culture that already exists in EDERFIL BECKER.

EDERFIL BECKER does not tolerate any act contrary to this Code of Conduct.  The actual, effective application of the Ethical Principles set out in this Code of Conduct will be ensured, and non-compliances will be managed by the Compliance Committee through the Ethics Channel.

Scope and duty of compliance.

  1. The Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct set out in the Code of Conduct and in the Compliance Programme are mandatory for all People at EDERFIL BECKER.
  2. All People who make up EDERFIL BECKER are obliged to know and comply with the contents of this Code of Conduct.
  3. Knowledge of the Code of Conduct extends to EDERFIL BECKER's Suppliers, Associates and Customers.
  4. The Code of Conduct applies, as far as possible, to the activities carried out by EDERFIL BECKER in any geographical area, both locally and internationally.

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